Aircraft Profiles
Arado AR-68 - Part I
The Arado Ar-68 was designed to replace the He-51 for the Luftwaffe and entered service in 1936.

It was used in combat in the Spanish Civil War, but found tough opposition from the Polikarpov I-16.

The E version had a 610 hp Jumo engine, which was replaced by a 670 hp BMW engine in the F version.

Biplane fighters were rapidly being outclassed by monoplanes, and although it stayed in service as a night-fighter until 1940, the AR-68 had been largely replaced by the Messerschmitt 109 by the outbreak of war.
Country of Origin:
AR-68F - Luftwaffe 10/JG2
AR-68F - Luftwaffe 1/JG131
AR-68F - Luftwaffe 2/JG131
AR-68F - Luftwaffe JG134
AR-68F - Luftwaffe 3/JG135
AR-68F - Luftwaffe 1/JG234