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The BAC TSR-2 was a highly advanced supersonic strike and reconnaissance aircraft which was supposed to enter service in the 1960s.

It had terrain-following radar and sideways-looking radar, which were both sophisticated systems in that era. It was powered by 2 x Olympus engines, similar to the Vulcan, but with reheat.

The TSR-2 had a top speed of Mach 2.35 and could also operate as low as 200ft (61m) at close to Mach 1. Despite it's capabilities (including nuclear) the program was cancelled in 1965.

This example is XR219 which was the only TSR-2 to fly and was used as a static gunnery target and destroyed.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
TSR-2 XR219
TSR-2 XR220
TSR-2 XR222