Aircraft Profiles
BAe Hawk - Part I
The British Aerospace Hawk entered service with the RAF in 1976 and replaced the Gnat and Hunter in the advanced training and weapons training roles. Many versions of the Hawk now exist and it has been a worldwide success in 15 countries outside the UK.

The first production model the T1 was exported to Finland, Kenya, and Indonesia as the Hawk 51, 52, and 53. Armed versions such as the T1A, 60 series, 100 series, 120 series followed on, and production is continuing.

The armed Hawk has 2 or 4 x under-wing pylons and a fuselage pylon or gun pack with 30mm cannon. Some versions have wing-tip pylons as well allowing up to 4 x AIM-9 Sidewinders to be carried. The usual load-out is rocket pods, fuel tanks and/or bombs.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Mk 64 - Abu Dhabi
Mk 127 - Australia
Mk 129 - Bahrain
Mk CT-155 - Canada
Mk 51 - Finland
Mk 51 - Finland
T1 - 4 FTS
T1A - 19 Sqn RAF
T1A - 79 Sqn RAF