Aircraft Profiles
Boeing B-17 Fortress - Part I
The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress entered service in 1938 with the USAAC, it was a four-engined heavy bomber which evolved rapidly during WW2.

The early versions of the Fortress were not very successful, but rapid development of the 'E' 'F' and 'G' models made a huge difference to the survivability and and effectiveness of the aircraft and it became renowned for it's ability to take heavy battle damage.

The Fortress was armed with up 13 x 12.7mm machine guns (B-17G) and carried a 8,000 lb bomb load as standard for short range missions.
Country of Origin:
SB-17G - Brazil
B-17G - Dominican Republic
B-17G - 214 Sqn RAF
B-17G - Israel
B-17G - Portugal
B-17G - 4th Bomb Squadron
B-17G - 323rd Bomb Squadron
B-17G - 324th Bomb Squadron
B-17G - 336th Bomb Squadron