Aircraft Profiles
Breguet Bre.19 - Part I
The Breguet Bre.19 was a French Light Bomber/Reconnaissance aircraft initially developed in 1922, with exports beginning in 1924. It was highly successful and with a top speed of over 130mph, it was as fast as many fighter of the time. More than 15 countries operated the Bre.19, and it was used in various roles from 1924 to 1940.

The Bre.19 was armed with 1 x 7.7mm machine gun firing forward, and twin 7.7mm machine guns for the observer.
Country of Origin:
Bre.19 - Belgium
Bre.19 - Bolivia
Bre.19 - China
Bre.19 - Croatia
Bre.19 - France
Bre.19 - Greece
Bre.19 - Iran
Bre.19 - Poland
Bre.19 - Spain