Aircraft Profiles
Bristol F.2B - Part I
The Bristol F.2B, also known as the Bristol Fighter, ‘Brisfit’, or ‘Biff’ entered service on the Western Front in 1917. Although it was a two-seater it proved a strong opponent to enemy fighters.

The F.2B was used widely in WW1 by the RFC and RAF, and by many countries post-war from Argentina to Sweden as fighters, trainers, fighter-bombers and reconnaissance aircraft.

The F.2B was armed with 2 or 3 x 7.7mm machine guns - 1 x Vickers and 1 or 2 x Lewis guns.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
F.2B - Argentina
F.2B - Australia
F.2B - Belgium
F.2B - 2 Squadron
F.2B - 5 Squadron
F.2B - 11 Squadron
F.2B - 22 Squadron
F.2B - 39 Squadron
F.2B - 48 Squadron