Aircraft Profiles
Bristol Beaufighter - Part I
The Bristol Beaufighter heavy fighter entered service in 1939 and proved itself to be a versatile combat aircraft in the night-fighter, anti-shipping, and torpedo bomber roles.

12 countries used the Beaufighter which saw combat in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, and South-East Asia as well as the Greek Civil War.

The Beaufighter was armed with 6 x 7.7mm machine guns, and 4 x 20mm cannon in the fighter role, with various combinations of guns, bombs, and rockets used by the other versions.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Mk 21 - 22 Squadron RAAF
Mk X - 30 Squadron RAAF
Mk IC - 31 Squadron RAAF
Mk IIF - 456 Squadron RAAF
Mk X - 404 Squadron RCAF
Mk VIF - Dominican Republic
Mk X - 22 Squadron
Mk IF - 25 Squadron
Mk IF - 29 Squadron