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Bristol Blenheim - Part I
The Bristol Blenheim was conceived as a high speed passenger aircraft, but became a light bomber and entered service with the RAF in 1937. It was very successful and several countries bought and operated it.

By the start of WW2 it was considered obsolete, but lacking a replacement, many squadrons continued to fly the Blenheim, and heavy losses were suffered, especially in the Battle of Britain.

The Blenheim was converted into a fighter, night fighter and ground attack aircraft. It was armed with 2 x 7.7mm machine guns, and could also carry 1200lb of bombs.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Mk I - Finland
Mk I - 21 Squadron
Mk IF - 23 Squadron
Mk IF - 29 Squadron
Mk IF - 30 Squadron
Mk I - 61 Squadron
Mk I - 84 Squadron
Mk I - 108 Squadron
Mk I - Greece