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Casa C-295 - Part II
The C-295 is a twin-engined military transport that was introduced in 2001. It is built by EADS and CASA in Spain and has proved a popular choice with many air forces.

The C-295 airframe has proven to be adaptable to other roles than transport, including maritime patrol, air-sea rescue, and AWACS.

The C-295 carries 71 troops, or 48 paratroops, or 3 x light vehicles, or a payload of 20,400 lb (9,250 Kg)
Country of Origin:
C-295 - Indonesia
C-295 - Jordan
C-295 - Kazakhstan
C-295 - Mexico
C-295 - Mexico
C-295 - Oman
C-295 - Philippines
C-295 - Poland
C-295 - Portugal