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Chance-Vought F-4U Corsair - Part IV
The Chance-Vought Corsair entered service in 1942. It was designed as a carrier-based aircraft, which should be equal in performance to the best Japanese fighters of the time.
It used the Pratt and Whitney R-2800 radial engine, and was one of the fastest fighters around, capable of exceeding 400mph in level flight.
The Corsair was used by the US Navy and Marines, the British Navy, and the French and New Zealand Navies. It continued in service up to 1953.
The Corsair was armed with 6 x 12.7mm machine guns, and a variety of bombs and rockets could also be carried.
Country of Origin:
F4U-7 - France Flottile 15
AU-1 - France Flottile 17
FG-1D - El Salvador
FG-1D - El Salvador
FG-1D - El Salvador
FG-1D - Royal Navy