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Consolidated B-24 Liberator - Part II
The Consolidated B-24 Liberator entered service in 1941 with the USAAF. It was a four-engined heavy bomber which was widely used during WW2 by the RAF, RAAF, and SAAF and many others.

The Liberator was more modern than the Fortress and outperformed it in many areas except the crucial problem of withstanding battle damage. It was however an outstanding production success with over 18,000 built and used in all theatres of the war.

The Liberator (B-24J) was armed with 10 x 12.7mm machine guns and carried a 8,000 lb bomb load for short range missions.
Country of Origin:
B-24 - 44th BG USAAF
B-24 - 90th BG USAAF
B-24 - 376th BG USAAF
B-24 - 451st BG USAAF
B-24 - 458th BG USAAF
B-24 - 460th BG USAAF
B-24 - 464th BG USAAF
B-24 - 484th BG USAAF
B-24 - 855th BG USAAF