Aircraft Profiles
Dassault Mirage 5 - Part I
The Dassault Mirage 5 was an adaptation of the Mirage III fighter, which was geared more towards the ground-attack role. It entered service in 1968 was used by 15 countries worldwide.

Like the earlier Mirage III, the 5 was improved continuously with many versions and upgrades, and saw combat in the Middle East, South America, India/Pakistan, North Africa, and South Africa.

The Mirage was armed with 2 x 30mm cannon, and 5 hard points for drop tanks, bombs, and missiles including the Matra JL-100 rocket pod and Sidewinders or Magic R550s.
Country of Origin:
5AD - Abu Dhabi
5BA - Belgium
5BR - Belgium
M5M - Chile
5COA - Colombia
5SDE - Egypt
5SDE - Egypt
5SDE - Egypt
5G2 - Gabon