Aircraft Profiles
de Havilland Mosquito - Part I
The de Havilland Mosquito entered service in 1941 and was a triumph of innovation, using a mostly wood construction to create a light fast bomber that could out-run enemy fighters.

The Mosquito proved it's speed on it's first operation, when a PR version was able to leave three Bf-109s behind. The fighter, night-fighter, torpedo-bomber, fighter-bomber, and photo-recce versions were used by several air forces during and after WW2.

The Mosquito was armed with 4 x 7.7mm machine guns and 4 x 20mm cannon (Fighter) and could also carry 4 x 500lb bombs (Bomber) or 2 x 250lb bombs (Fighter-Bomber).
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
FB Mk VI - Australia
FB Mk VI - Australia
FB Mk VI - Canada
FB Mk VI - China
B Mk IV - Czech Republic
FB Mk VI - Czech Republic
FB Mk VI - Dominican Republic
FB Mk VI - France