Aircraft Profiles
Dewoitine D.520 - Part I
The Dewoitine D.520 entered service with the Armee de l'Air in 1940. It was a fast and agile fighter and came close to the Bf-109 of the time, but production delays meant that there were very few available for combat when France was invaded.

The Fall of France led to to chaos and confusion with some squadrons fleeing to North Africa and fighting on the side of the Allies, while other units of D.520s were formed in Vichy France to fight against the Allies. Also the German invasion of Vichy France led to the capture of of over two hundred 520s, some of which were reported to have been sent to Bulgaria.

The D.520 was armed with 4 x 7.5mm machine guns and 1 x 20mm cannon.
Country of Origin:
D.520 - Bulgaria
D.520 - GC I/3
D.520 - GC I/3
D.520 - GC I/3
D.520 - GC I/7
D.520 - GC II/3
D.520 - GC II/7
D.520 - GC III/6 Vichy
D.520 - GC III/7