Aircraft Profiles
English Electric Canberra - Part I
The English Electric Canberra was designed as a jet-powered replacement for the Mosquito and entered service with the RAF in 1951.

Although it was originally designed as a bomber, many variants were made including trainers, strike aircraft, electronic countermeasure, and photo reconnaissance.

The Canberra was used by 35 RAF squadrons and more than a dozen air forces world-wide.

It saw combat during the Suez Crisis, the Malayan Emergency, in Vietnam, Eritrea, Somalia, Rhodesia, South Africa, the Falklands and Afghanistan, covering 5 decades of service.

The Canberra also formed the basis for the American version, the Martin B-57, which was also a highly successful aircraft.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
B Mk 2 - 6 Squadron RAF
B Mk 2 - 9 Squadron RAF
B Mk 2 - 10 Squadron RAF
B Mk 2 - 21 Squadron RAF
B Mk 2 - 45 Squadron RAF
B Mk 2 - 50 Squadron RAF
B Mk 2 - Venezuela
B Mk 6 - Ecuador
B Mk 52 - Ethiopia