Aircraft Profiles
English Electric Lightning - Part I
The English Electric Lightning was well named - It proved to be one of the fastest fighter aircraft of it's time.

It served throughout the 1960s and well into the Cold War with the RAF, Kuwaiti, and Saudi Air Forces.

The design was radical and innovative, with twin Rolls-Royce engines stacked vertically, and staggered to reduce frontal area. This meant that it had about double the thrust of other aircraft with a similar area.

The performance was impressive even when compared to current fighters 30 years later - It could climb at 50,000 feet a minute, had a top speed of 1,500mph (2,415kph)

The Lightning was armed with 2 x 30mm cannon and 2 x Firestreak or Red Top missiles.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
F1 - 23 Squadron RAF
F1 - 56 Squadron RAF
F1 - 74 Squadron RAF
F1A - 5 Squadron RAF
F1A - 23 Squadron RAF
F1A - 56 Squadron RAF
F1A - 111 Squadron RAF
F2 - 19 Squadron RAF
F2 - 92 Squadron RAF