Aircraft Profiles
Embraer Tucano - Part I
The Embraer Tucano is a training and COIN aircraft designed and developed in Brazil, and in use with many Air Forces around the world. The UK version (T1) used by the the RAF is built by Short Brothers and features a more powerful Garrett engine.

The standard production model is the EMB-312 which is known as the T-27 in the Brazilian Air Force. The light attack version is the AT-27 and development led to the 'Super Tucano' EMB-314 which has two versions, single and twin-seat (A-29A & A-29B)

The AT-27 has 4 x wing pylons capable of carrying a total of 2,200 lb of rockets, bombs, or gun pods. The A-29A has 2 x 12.7mm wing guns and 5 x pylons with a capacity of 3,300 lb.
Country of Origin:
EMB-312 - Angola
EMB-312 - Argentina
EMB-312 - Brazil
EMB-312 - Brazil
EMB-312 - Brazil
EMB-314 - Brazil
EMB-314 - Burkina Faso
EMB-314 - Chile
EMB-312 - Colombia