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Eurocopter AS355 - Part I
The Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 (Twin Squirrel) is a light helicopter that has proved to have a wide variety of roles since it’s introduction in 1979 and was developed from the single-engined AS350.

The AS355 continues in production under the Airbus Helicopters brand and has been used by more than fifteen military and government organisations as well as private and corporate users.

The normal configuration is for 4 or 5 passengers and 1 pilot. Armed versions of the AS355 may be equipped with TOW anti-tank missiles, 20mm cannon, or rocket pods.
Country of Origin:
AS355 - France
AS355 - GB Police
AS355 - GB Police
AS355 - RAF 32 Sqn
AS355 - Malaysia
AS355 - Uruguay