Aircraft Profiles
Eurofighter - Part I
The Eurofighter is a joint venture between the Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Aircraft are in service with the contributing countries and also Austria, with another contract in progress for Saudi Arabia.

The Eurofighter/Typhoon is a new generation fighter with Multi-Role capabilities designed to replace a varied fleet across Europe including the Tornado GR4, ECR, IDS, and F3, SAAB Draken, Lockheed Starfighter, and SEPECAT Jaguar.

The Eurofighter is capable of Mach 2+ (1,550 mph) and can Supercruise - exceed Mach 1 with afterburners off.

The Eurofighter is armed with 1 x 27 mm Mauser Cannon, and has 13 weapons hardpoints which can be equipped for any current, and most future weapons.
Country of Origin:
Eurofighter - Austria
Eurofighter - 3 Sqn RAF
Eurofighter - 11 Sqn RAF
Eurofighter - 17 Sqn RAF
Eurofighter - JG73 Luftwaffe
Eurofighter - JG74 Luftwaffe
Eurofighter - Italy 4 Stormo
Eurofighter - Italy 36 Stormo
Eurofighter - Spain ALA 11