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Fairey Fulmar - Part I
The Fairey Fulmar was a Royal Navy fighter, which entered service in 1940. It was larger and slower than conventional fighters of the time, but was successful and durable.

The Fulmar saw action in the Mediterranean and the Far East, and were used for long-range reconnaissance after being withdrawn from the fighter role.

The Fulmar was the most successful Fleet Air Arm aircraft accounting for 112 victories. It was armed with 8 x 7.7mm machine guns, and could also carry 2 x 250lb bombs.

Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Fulmar Mk I - 803 Sqn
Fulmar Mk I - 806 Sqn
Fulmar Mk I - 806 Sqn
Fulmar Mk I - 806 Sqn
Fulmar Mk I - 807 Sqn
Fulmar Mk I - 808 Sqn
Fulmar Mk I - 809 Sqn