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Fokker D.VII - Part II
The Fokker D.VII entered service with the Luftstreitkrafte in 1918 and proved itself to be a highly successful fighter in combat, and over 3,000 were built.

The D.VII arrived too late for Manfred von Richthofen, but other pilots such as Goring and Lowenhart used it to score up many victories.

The D.VII was armed with 2 x 7.92mm machine guns.
Country of Origin:
D.VII Jasta 15
D.VII Jasta 15
D.VII Jasta 16b
D.VII Jasta 18
D.VII Jasta 35b
D.VII Jasta 40
D.VII Jasta 43
D.VII Jasta 64
D.VII Jasta 74