Aircraft Profiles
Gloster Javelin - Part I
The Gloster Javelin FAW 1 entered service with the RAF in 1956. The designation F.A.W. meant 'Fighter All Weather', but in reality the unique delta-wing design was more suited to a straight bomber interceptor role than a pure fighter.

The FAW 1 through to FAW 6 were armed with 4 x 30mm cannon.

The FAW 7 though to FAW 9 were fitted with pylons and could carry four Firestreak missiles, or fuel tanks.

The Javelin eventually equipped 14 squadrons at the height of the Cold War, but was not well liked, and when the Lightning began being produced, the writing was on the wall for the Gloster Aircraft Company...
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
FAW1 - 46 Squadron
FAW1 - 87 Squadron
FAW2 - 46 Squadron
FAW2 - 89 Squadron
FAW4 - 3 Squadron
FAW4 - 11 Squadron
FAW4 - 72 Squadron
FAW5 - 5 Squadron
FAW6 - 85 Squadron