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Grumman F4F Wildcat - Part I
The Grumman F4F Wildcat was a US carrier fighter during WW2. It was introduced in 1940 and first saw combat with the Royal Navy where it was called the Martlet.

The Wildcat was the US Navy's second monoplane fighter after the Buffalo, and although lacking in speed compared to the Zero, it was durable and successful, and production continued until the end of the war.

The F4F-3 was armed with 4 x 0.5 inch machine guns and could carry 2 x 100 lb bombs. The F4F-4 increased the number of guns to six and it also had folding wings allowing more aircraft per carrier.
Country of Origin:
Martlet - 804 Squadron
Martlet - 805 Squadron
Wildcat - VF-3 USN
Wildcat - VF-6 USN
Wildcat - VF-7 USN
Wildcat - VF-8 USN
Wildcat - VF-41 USN
Wildcat - VF-72 USN
Wildcat - VMF-111 USMC