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Grumman F8F Bearcat - Part II
The Grumman F8F Bearcat was introduced in 1945 but did not see combat in WW2. The Bearcat was fast and agile enough to be a serious threat even when jet fighters were being introduced.

The Bearcat was used by the US Navy, Marine Corps, French Air Force, Thai Air Force, and later by the South Vietnam Air Force. The Bearcat saw combat in the 1st Indochina War.

The F8F-1 was armed with 4 x 0.5 inch machine guns. The F8F-1B was armed with 4 x 20mm cannon. The F8F-2 was armed with 4 x 20mm cannon and had the taller fin. All versions could carry bombs and rockets for ground attack.
Country of Origin:
Bearcat - Thailand
Bearcat - Thailand
Bearcat - VBF18
Bearcat - VBF19
Bearcat - VF2A
Bearcat - VF3A
Bearcat - VF74
Bearcat - VMF12