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Handley-Page Halifax - Part I
The Handley-Page Halifax entered service with the RAF in 1940 and was used along with the Lancaster and Stirling as part of the heavy bomber fleet. The Halifax was also used by Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Pakistan, and No 301 Polish Squadron.

There were many versions of the Halifax including ones made for the SOE (Special Operations Executive) Coastal Command, glider tugs, and transport aircraft.

The Halifax was armed with 4-8 x 7.7 mm machine guns in 1-3 turrets, depending on version, and 13,000 lb of bombs as standard.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Halifax - Australia
Halifax - Egypt
Halifax - France
Halifax - 10 Squadron
Halifax - 10 Squadron
Halifax - 35 Squadron
Halifax - 35 Squadron
Halifax - 51 Squadron
Halifax - 58 Squadron