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Hawker Sea Fury - Part II
The Hawker Sea Fury was a progression from the Typhoon and Tempest fighter designs and entered service early in 1945. It was one of the fastest piston-engined fighters of WW2.

The Sea Fury saw combat after WW2 in Korea, at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba (where several CIA B-26s were downed) and Burma.

The F 10 was armed with 4 x 20mm cannon. The FB 11 was armed with 4 x 20mm cannon and could also be fitted for rockets, bombs, and drop-tanks. The T 20 was a trainer, and all other models were export designations.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Sea Fury - Egypt
Sea Fury - GB 801 Squadron
Sea Fury - GB 802 Squadron
Sea Fury - GB 804 Squadron
Sea Fury - GB 805 Squadron
Sea Fury - GB 807 Squadron
Sea Fury - GB 810 Squadron
Sea Fury - Iraq
Sea Fury - Iraq