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Hawker Typhoon - Part IV
The Hawker Typhoon entered service in 1941 as a replacement for the Hurricane. It was fast and powerful, with over 2,000hp from it's Napier engine, but it lacked the high altitude agility of the Hurricane or Spitfire, and so it's role was changed to low-level interceptor, and then fighter-bomber.

The Typhoon was equipped with bombs in 1942 and rockets in 1943, and went on to be one of the most successful ground attack aircraft of WW2.

The Mark IB was armed with 4 x 20mm cannon. Racks could be fitted for bombs 2 x 500lb or 2 x 1,000lb, or the bomb racks removed and 8 x launch rails fitted for 3 inch rockets.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Typhoon - 266 Squadron
Typhoon - 266 Squadron
Typhoon - 486 (NZ) Squadron
Typhoon - 609 Squadron