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Heinkel He 111 - Part I
The Heinkel He-111 was a medium fast bomber which entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1935. It had light defensive armament and relied on speed to out-run enemy fighters.

The He-111 was produced in large numbers, and upgraded and modified many times during WW2, but it's vulnerability to the newer fighters meant that it often needed a fighter escort, and many were lost during the Battle of Britain.

The He-111 continued in production until 1944, and was operational in all theatres of the war. It was armed with 3 x 7.92mm machine guns, which were added to and replaced as the war went on, and carried up to 2,000Kg of bombs internally.
Country of Origin:
He 111 - KG 1
He 111 - KG 1
He 111 - KG 4
He 111 - KG 53
He 111 - KG 55
He 111 - KG 100