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Heinkel He 177 - Part I
The Heinkel He 177 was a 4-engined heavy bomber which entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1942. It had an interesting layout of double-engines driving a single propellor in each wing ‘pod’ which led to serious complications in the early development stages.

The He 177 was 70 mph faster than a Lancaster or Fortress and carried a similar bomb load, but rather than becoming a mass-produced success, relatively few were made, and the early design brief for it to double as a dive bomber caused huge problems too.

The He 177 continued in production until 1944, and was used against shipping as well as area bombing. It was armed with 4 x 13mm machine guns, 2 x 20mm cannon, and carried up to 6,000Kg of bombs internally or 3 x Fritz or Hs 293 glide bombs.
Country of Origin:
He 177 - KG 1
He 177 - KG 1
He 177 - KG 4
He 177 - KG 40
He 177 - KG 100
He 177 - KG 100