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McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 - Part II
The McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 wide-bodied airliner was introduced in 1971 and had a production run of 20 years.

The DC-10 is a triple-engined design with seating for up to 380 passengers and baggage. The DC-10 was converted into the KC-10 tanker for the USAF and also adapted for fire-fighting duties.

The DC-10 flew the last passenger flight in 2014, but is still widely used as a freight aircraft around the world.
Country of Origin:
DC-10 - Alitalia
DC-10 - Avensa
DC-10 - Biman Bangladesh
DC-10 - British Caledonian
DC-10 - Canadian Airlines
DC-10 - Eastern Airlines
DC-10 - Ecuatoriana
DC-10 - Federal Express
DC-10 - Ghana Airways