Aircraft Profiles
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G - Part I
The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was designed before WW2, and the earliest versions saw combat in the Spanish Civil War. It became the most widely used fighter in the Luftwaffe with 30,000 being produced in many variants and sub-variants.

The 109F had an improved Daimler Benz engine which meant a new nose design, new semi-elliptical wings, new radiators, new tailplane without struts, and a new rudder. It was armed with 2 x 7.92mm machine guns and 1 x 15mm cannon (later changed to a 20mm cannon) firing through the propeller. It was initially criticised for being lightly-armed, but the performance and handling were much improved and many Luftwaffe pilots made good use of this.
Country of Origin:
Bf 109 G-2 - Bulgaria
Bf 109 G-6- Bulgaria
Bf 109 G-2 - Croatia
Bf 109 G-2 - Croatia
Bf 109 G-10 - Croatia
Bf 109 G-2 - Finland
Bf 109 G-10 - Luftwaffe II/JG2
Bf 109 G-2 - Luftwaffe II/JG3
Bf 109 G-4 - Luftwaffe I/JG3