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Messerschmitt Bf 110 - Part II
The Messerschmitt Bf 110 was a heavy fighter which entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1937. It was initially successful, but heavy losses against more agile fighters led to it being switched to night fighter duty.

The Bf 110 was also adapted for ground attack, both as a fighter-bomber, and tank-buster, but it was the night-fighter version that was most used. It was also used by the air forces of Hungary, Italy, and Romania.

The Bf 110 C was armed with 4 x 7.92mm machine guns and 2 x 20mm cannon, with a further 7.92mm machine gun for defence.

The Bf 110 D could be fitted with long-range drop tanks and also had an extended rear fuselage containing a life-raft.

The Bf 110 F was the fighter-bomber version with more powerful engines.

The Bf 110 G was an improved version of the F series.

Country of Origin:
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe 5/NJG200
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe 5/SKG210
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe III/ZG1
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe II/ZG1
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe I/ZG26
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe 9/ZG26
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe 2/ZG52
Bf 110 - Luftwaffe II/ZG76
Bf 110 - Hungary