Aircraft Profiles
Mil Mi-28 - Part I
The Mil Mi-28 is a Russian attack helicopter that first flew in 1982, with the night version entering service in 2006. Kenya acquired Mi-28s in 2012, and Iraq, Algeria, and Venezuela have also shown interest.

The Mi-28 has a crew of two, and a small compartment designed for rescue missions of downed helicopter crews. The layout of all versions is similar, but the ’N’ has twin tail rotors, and more advanced sensors as well as optional radar.

The Mi28 is armed with 1 x 30 mm cannon, 16 x Ataka-V anti-tank missiles, and 40 x S-8 or 10 x S-13 rockets. Other weapons such as mines, and air-to-air missiles may also be carried.
Country of Origin:
Mi-28 - Russia
Mi-28 - Russia
Mi-28 - Russia