Aircraft Profiles
Mil Mi-8/Mi-17 - Part III
The Mil Mi-8 and Mi-17 have been manufactured since 1967 and have become the most produced helicopters in history with over 12,000 made, and production still continuing.

The Mi-17 export version has been used by more than 20 countries in various roles from troop-carrier, cargo, special ops, medivac, and even ground attack, with external rocket pods and machine gun in the nose.

The Mi-24 'Hind' attack helicopter was derived from the basic Mi-8 airframe.
Country of Origin:
Mi-8 - Djibouti
Mi-17 - Ecuador
Mi-8 - Egypt
Mi-17 - Eritrea
Mi-8 - Estonia
Mi-8 - Ethiopia
Mi-8 - Finland
Mi-8 - Georgia
Mi-8 - GDR