Aircraft Profiles
Mitsubishi A5M - Part I
The Mitsubishi A5M was designed in 1934 and entered service in 1937 with the Japanese Navy.

It was an advanced design for the time and quickly proved itself in combat in the Sino-Japanese war, and continuing in WW2.

It was replaced by the A6M 'Zero' as the war progressed, and the remaining aircraft were used for Kamikaze attacks. The A5M was armed with 2 x 7.7 mm machine guns.

The A5M4 had a more powerful engine than the M2 and was also equipped with a drop tank.
Country of Origin:
A5M2 - 1 Kokutai
A5M2 - 12 Kokutai
A5M2 - 13 Kokutai
A5M2 - 15 Kokutai
A5M2 - 15 Kokutai
A5M2 - 15 Kokutai
A5M4 - 12 Kokutai
A5M4 - 12 Kokutai
A5M4 - 14 Kokutai