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Royal Aircraft Factory BE.2 - Part I
The BE2 was a reconnaissance aircraft built by the Royal Aircraft Factory during WW1.

It was designed to be very stable in flight, which made it much less manoeuvrable than German fighters, and despite the addition of the defensive gun on later versions, many fell victim to the 'Fokker Scourge'.

Various improvements and new versions were made, but despite equipping 60 squadrons, the BE.2 had been mostly withdrawn by 1917.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
BE.2 - 67 Sqn AFC
BE.2 - Belgium
BE.2 - Estonia
BE.2 - Greece
BE.2 - 2 Sqn RFC
BE.2 - 2 Sqn RFC
BE.2 - 4 Sqn RFC
BE.2 - 6 Sqn RFC
BE.2 - 7 Sqn RFC