Aircraft Profiles
Sikorsky S-61 - Part I
The Sikorsky S-61 is a large transport helicopter originally introduced in 1961 as a passenger version of the Sea King.

The S-61L was the non-amphibious version and the S-61N has floats for maritime operations. The S-61 has been used by several civil and military organisations around the world

The S-61 can carry up to 30 passengers and has two crew as standard.
Country of Origin:
S-61N - Ansett
S-61N - Gronlandsfly
S-61N - BEA
S-61N - Bristow
S-61N - British Caledonian
S-61N - Irish Coast Guard
S-61N - Elivie
S-61N - Lebanon
S-61L - New York Airways