Aircraft Profiles
Master Pricing & Availability List - Part 1

Published profile with no changes:
£10 (GBP)

Published profile with new markings/serial numbers:
£15 (GBP)

Published profile with new markings/serial numbers and new camouflage:
£25 (GBP)

New profile - Cars:
£40 (GBP)

New profile - Fighters:
£50 (GBP)

New profile - Tanks:
£60 (GBP)

New profile - Bombers:
£70 (GBP)

New profile - Helicopters:
£80 (GBP)

Quantity discounts and other items by negotiation

Profiles will be rendered at 300dpi in JPG PNG or Photoshop format

Select below for the availability by manufacturer
A: Aero > Avro
B: BAe > Bristol
C: Cessna > Curtiss
D: Dassault > Douglas
E: E.E. > Eurofighter
F: Fairchild > Fokker
G: GA > Grumman
H: H.P. > Heinkel
J: Junkers
K: Kamov > Kawasaki
L: Lockheed
M: MDD - Mitsubishi
N: Nakajima > North American
P: Panavia > PZL
R: RAF > Republic
Se: SEPECAT > Supermarine
T-Z: Westland