Aircraft Profiles
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Published profile with no changes:
£10 (GBP)

Published profile with new markings/serial numbers:
£15 (GBP)

Published profile with new markings/serial numbers and new camouflage:
£25 (GBP)

New profile - Cars:
£40 (GBP)

New profile - Fighters:
£50 (GBP)

New profile - Tanks:
£60 (GBP)

New profile - Bombers:
£70 (GBP)

New profile - Helicopters:
£80 (GBP)

Quantity discounts and other items by negotiation

Profiles will be rendered at 300dpi in JPG PNG or Photoshop format

Nakajima Ki-84
Updated: Aug 2015
Available: 9
North American B-25
Updated: Aug 2015
Available: 27
North American F-86
Updated: Sep 2015
Available: 45
North American P-51
Updated: Sep 2015
Available: 81
North American T-6
Updated: Aug 2015
Available: 72
North American T-28
Updated: May 2014
Available: 24