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Babylon Five Part I
The TV series Babylon Five was first broadcast in 1993, and cover a large array of worlds and races some part of the Earth Alliance, some neutral, and others hostile.

Babylon Five is the latest in a line of large space stations where the various representatives meet politically, for trade, or to plan for war or make alliances etc.

The five main races involved are Human, Minbari, Narn, Centauri and Vorlons.

Th League of Non-Aligned Worlds represent the Brakiri, Drazi, Vree, Mankarb and others.

The Shadows appear to be enemies of all other races, but it is a complex situation at the best of times...

Interstellar Alliance
Brakiri Avioki [1]
Brakiri Brokados [1]
Brakiri Falkosi [1]
Brakiri Halik [1]
Brakiri Ikorta [1]
Brakiri Riva [1]
Centauri Haven [1]
Centauri Primus [1]
Centauri Razik [1]