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Colonial Viper
The Colonial Viper is the main space fighter used in Battlestar Galactica and is combat proven in many battles against the Cylons.

The Viper can fly in space or atmosphere and is capable of reaching escape velocity - around 25,000 mph, but would normally be flown below 5,700 mph.

The Viper Mk II was replaced by the Mk VII, but many were recalled from museums after the Mk VII was found to be susceptible to electronic hacking.

The Viper Mk II is armed with 2 x 30 mm kinetic cannon and has up to 12 missiles on hard-points and in the fuselage bay.
Battlestar Galactica
Colonial Viper I
Colonial Viper II 1104
Colonial Viper II 2220
Colonial Viper II 3266
Colonial Viper II 4267
Colonial Viper II 7242
Colonial Viper II 8757