Aircraft Profiles
Panther - Part I
The Panzer Mk V Panther was Nazi Germany’s answer to the Russian T-34 which had come as a shock to the formerly unstoppable Blitzkrieg inflicted by the Wehrmacht on so many countries.

The Panther was cheaper to produce than the Tiger Mk I and more effective in many areas which led to it’s widespread use after initial teething troubles were corrected.

The Panther was armed with a 75 mm cannon and 2 x 7.92 mm machine guns. It weighed 44.8 tons and had a crew of five.
Country of Origin:
Panther - 4th Panzer Division
Panther - 9th Panzer Division
Panther - 2nd SS Panzer Division
Panther - 1st SS Panzer Division
Panther - 2nd Panzer Division
Panther - 12th Panzer Division