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DWM Luger
The Parabellum-Pistole, commonly known as the Luger, was patented in 1898, and saw service in Germany and Switzerland from before WW1 until the end of WW2.

Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) introduced the pistol with a 7.65 x 22 cartridge, but this was thought to lack power, so the 9 mm parabellum round was developed, which went on to become a standard round in many countries.

Many variations of the Luger were developed during it's history for the various branches of the German Military and Police Forces, including long and short-barreled types, and even a rifle-type stock for use as a machine-gun.
Country of Origin:
Luger - Standard Issue
Luger - Artillery Issue
Luger - Navy Issue